FarMart is a tech enabled platform that connects farmers owning agricultural machinery with fellow farmers on a pay per use basis.

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Own Agri-machinery?

You can earn an additional source of income from an agricultural machinery that is lying idle.

Need Agri-Machinery?

Get multiple types of agricultural machinery according to your choice, your place and your need.

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By 2050, we will need to feed more than 10 billion people, requiring a 70% increase in global food production. Farm mechanization and technology sits at the epicenter to achieve this massive goal. There are 160 million agricultural households in India. Majority of them hold less than 1 hectare of land, and many of them still without access to finance, machinery and modern technology. India's development requires bringing products and services to these millions.

FarMart aims to provide access of the latest agricultural machinery and modern technology to every farmer while simultaneously promoting rural entrepreneurship.

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