Owning Agri-Machinery?

Agricultural machinery are expensive and depreciate in value. If you own any kind of agricultural machinery, we can help you earn anywhere between INR 1000 to 7000 per day.

Your Benefits

Dispute Free

Differences in land size could potentially lead to a dispute and manual effort for the machinery owner. We ensure accurate measurement of the land through GPS. Hence, creating a dispute free process.

Extra Source of Income

We help you generate an extra source of income from an asset that is under-utilised and lying idle. In case, you are already in this business, we can help you maximise your revenues with our large customer base and wide geographic reach.

Guaranteed Payment

We provide guaranteed payment after every order has been serviced.

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We ♥ farMart

I own two tractors and was earlier involved in renting my tractors to farmers around my villages. After joining farMart, my revenues has increased by 30% and I also receive my payments on time. I am really glad that companies such as farMart exists.

Sandeep – Saharanpur

I purchased a tractor worth INR 8 lakh on loan and joined a contractor for transporting cement and bricks. Since the contractor changed, my tractor was lying idle and not generating any income for the past 11 months. When I heard of farMart, I walked up to their regional office and requested to join their platform. The customer representative assisted me to purchase a rotavator. It has been almost 2 months since I joined farMart and I have already recovered 60% of the cost of the rotavator.

Vikas – Saharanpur
Partner with us

Partner with us

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